Ever wish you had that special diploma hanging on your wall which shows the world your special expertise? Well, now you can have a diploma from the University of Hell in just about any "science" or "discipline" you desire!  Click the link below to receive a listing of "DEGREES" available.
Get your diploma by regular postal mail, or visit us in HELL, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.  Our address, phone and FAX numbers are shown on our MAIN page. Feel free to order a blank certificate to fill in with your own idea of a cool diploma! The price of U.S. $10.00 each which includes postage and handling, if not picked up in our store. Be sure to include a complete mailing address!
NOTE: University of Hell diplomas are sold only for "entertainment" purposes, and do not confer nor indicate any college or university credit!

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To request (by e-mail) a complete list
of the degrees available click HERE!

Be Warned - Some of the "Degrees" can be quite explicit!


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